Excess Keratinisation/ Hyperkeratinisation

The most common skin condition.

A build up of older skin cells on the top layer of the skin that have not been properly shed or dissolved.


 hyper-keratinisation symptoms 

Build up of old skin cells  |  Comedones (blackheads)   |   Pustules (pimples)   |   Feels dry, looks scaly and rough   |   Dull and tired appearance


Why does your skin have poor shedding and dissolving mechanisms?
  1. Fast Transepidermal Water Loss
    • The process of water passing through the many layers of the skin too fast. So fast, that it’s not activating the skin’s important enzymes.
  2. Sluggish/Blocked Lymphatic System
    • Think of this system as the body’s security guard. It’s fluids cleanse and nourish  your tissues while filtering out wastes and toxins.
  3. Not drinking enough water or taking a diuretic medication
    • If your body is dehydrated and not getting enough water, your skin cells won’t have enough water to function in the right way.


the organic skin care ingredient that can help shed and dissolve old skin cells

the organic nutrition that can increase hydration and help your lymphatic system

the organic lifestyle changes that support hydration and healthy skin cell shedding


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