Discover How Stress Management Should Be Apart Of Your Organic Skin Care Routine

“I have been stressed out lately, and my skin is going crazy.”                                                                    “I have a lot going on in my life at the moment, and my skin is breaking out.”                                  “My thoughts keep me up most of the night and I have terrible dark circles.”

I speak for the majority of us, when I say stress has taken its toll on my physical appearance in one way or another.  The pressure of meeting a deadline, the break up of an important relationship, the anxiety of an upcoming event. Trying to handle the demands of life can take it’s toll over time.

Although taking the time to receive a relaxing treatment can be a remedy to the stress within itself, there is a need for modern day estheticians to take the new age approach and make the connection between stress and skin conditions.

Many traditional skin care professionals often over look the impact that emotions and stress can have on the clients’ skin. As we grow fully into the information age of skin care, many new age skin care professionals are educating themselves on the impact of  stressful thoughts and our body.

Holistic skin care is not only about performing green beauty treatments. There should also be a considerable focus on every aspect of the your lifestyle, including work/play environment and diet. Understanding the way your body responds to stress is an essential part of self care and skin care. In this article I’m going to drop some knowledge on stress and the skin including how you can help protect yourself from those god awful stress line.

The Mind-Skin Connection

The mind and the skin have a deep connection.  When we become embarrassed we blush, when we have fearful thoughts we breakout in a cold sweat, when we get angry we turn red.  Emotional states of mind , good, bad or neutral, always manifests in the skin.  A simple thought from the mind causes a domino effect and creates a chemical reaction in the body. Specifically, stressful thoughts can create a fight or flight reaction in the skin. This triggers the cortisol reactions which then causes inflammation, pruritus and aging.

The profound effect that stress has on aging President Obama 2009 and 2016.

Integrating Stress Management Into Skin Care Routines

History shows us that skin care professionals will only give attention to the skin.  However, in the new age of integration, including a healthy mind-body organic skin care goal is equally important.  Personally, if I have the time to add a short meditation within my facial, I will do it while the client is in a mask.  Alternatively, here is a list of techniques that can help you manage your stress and calm your skin.


  1. Mindful Meditation
  2. Journaling
  3. Meeting with a talk therapist regularly
  4. Yoga
  5. Aromatherapy

If you’re interested in including a few of these methods into your daily maintenance routine, I have included a few links to some of my favorite resources.
Mindful Meditation
The Morning Pages/ Journaling
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