8 Herbs That Fight Against Sun Damage and Premature Aging

UV radiation causes skin damage.  Wrinkles, sun spots and acne can be caused by too much sun exposure.  Since natural skin care is on the rise , using the plants’ natural ability to protect itself from harmful UV rays also works for the skin.  Below are 7 herbs that fight against sun damage and premature aging while not exposing your organs to toxic ingredients.

Plant-Based Sun Protection

Bananas:  I love using banana powder in my skin care. Bananas powder strengthens the protein in your skin and protects the skin from oxidation.
Grape Seed Extract:  GSE is a useful herb that counteracts premature aging by blocking skin degrading enzymes that damage the skins ability to snap back into place. I discovered the amazing ability of grape seed extract a few years ago and I use it regularly. 
Olive Oil Squalene:  You can protect the skin’s lipids with regular use of olive oil squalene. The skin’s lipids are a natural sun blocker for the skin. So keep those lipids healthy and strong with regular use of squalene.
Comfrey Root:  Allantoin is an extract from the herb comfrey root, that specifically absorbs UV radiation that damages the cell’s DNA.
Green Tea and Roobis Tea:  The polyphenols in green and roobis tea provide the most protective and healing properties for uv skin exposure. It protects the skin from melanoma formation and uv induced inflammation.
Cotton Seed Oil: Blocks out 20% of UV rays.
Manuka Essential Oil: 10% manuka oil in your formulations will repair sunburned skin.
Cannabis Oil: Has a UV absorbption rate that equals a SPF 15.


There are far more plants and herbs than the 8 listed that have the ability to protect your skin from u radiation. With the rise of  natural and organic skin care, finding these plant based ingredients in your natural sun protectant is a good sign.





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