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Congratulations, you’ve stepped into the age of beauty information. This is a site that gives you the information you need to make the right choices for your skin type and skin issues using natural and organic ingredients.  Every blog post will give you information about one of five things

  1. Skin Conditions
  2. Organic  Ingredients
  3. Organic Nutrition
  4. Organic Life
  5. Beauty Toxins


Shop For Skin Goals!

organic small batch skin care 

Small batch skin care is a new thing because its green, sustainable and its formulations are concentrated, not watered down like department store cosmetics.  This new approach to skin care gives you a better quality, in smaller packages that can be tweaked as your skin changes with your environment and lifestyle. And its also super fun to be the creator of your skin care line.


Nourish Yourself

organic treatments

I have a skin care studio too. I give facials in my Harlem and Union Square locations.  Of course, the treatments are all natural and organic. :-)!


The Need For Diverse Sources Of News & Information 

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Lastly, you can become a member by subscribing to my newsletter and taking a few of my courses. My newsletter is  more like an alert to new posts, videos, coupons and other little finds I want to share with my readers.  If you want to take your D.I.Y skillz to the next level subscribing to my courses could be something for you. Also, I have separate person to person courses for  licensed estheticians who would like to learn how to integrate natural skin into their business.





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