This is me – Alita Terry  🙂 –

New York state licensed skin care professional, internationally certified formulator  in organic & natural skin care, and all around green beauty insider.

My beginnings are super humble and I would like to share it with you…(I promise to keep it short & sweet).

I grew up in the working class suburbs of Connecticut, the youngest of six children.  As the proverbial little runt and tomboy of the family, my presence was more  known as the tree climbing, sassy-pants, mischievous little sister.  Beauty was not my calling card.  By the time I hit puberty, however, I began to play in my older sister’s caboodle’s, which she had filled with sweet smelling lotions and sparkling lip glosses. At 12 years old my mother entered me into the 1992 Miss Connecticut Teen All American beauty pageant, I was the youngest contestant, and to my surprise (and probably my entire family), I placed 1st runner up. I came in second place.   And that right there started it all. My confidence in myself took a huge leap. I began to see something in myself that wasn’t defined by my families point of view, and so I ran with it. In my late teens and early 20s I continued on with beauty pageants and was able to represent my state in both the Miss Teen USA pageant & the Miss USA pageant. I also began to book work doing a little print modeling, commercials and television shows.

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Fast forward into my late 20s, I am living in West Los Angeles, and I have decided I want a career that’s more stable with continuity. I knew immediately that the time was ripe to finally get my esthetic license.  In 2007, I was able to graduate and become a licensed skin care therapist with a focus on organic and natural skin care.  In 2008, I returned to the east coast and was able to land an amazing job at on of the best medical laser skin care spas in New York City. With 6 solid years of experience working as a skin care professional, I finally took the leap as a solo business esthetician.  Since then I’ve given facials to Saudi Royals, Hollywood Oscar winners, major magazine beauty editors and of course friendly and supportive locals.

I really appreciate each and every one of my clients and have formed some lovely friendships over the years.  – for  my daily skin care tips make sure you follow me on Instagram

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