100% of the total ingredients used in the facials are from their natural origin.


 Paraben free, perfume free, fragrance free, phenoxyethanol free & phtalate free.

The Classic Organic Facials

All natural and mostly organic extracts, clays,  and cold pressed oils prepared in concentrated formulas to benefit your skin by supporting its natural functions.  Watch the video for a sneak peek of my classic organic facial.

Classic Organic Facial $115  |  Mini Classic Organic Facial  $70  |  Men’s Classic Organic Facial $115 | Classic Organic Back Facial  $110  

Green Teen Organic Facial 60min $85

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Botanical Fruit Enzyme Facial

Kiwi, papaya, pineapple, banana and apple a few of the enzymes I use for exfoliating your skin. Using natural enzymes to gently break down older skin cells is beneficial to sensitive skin, while the dermaplane scrapes of the older skin cells.  Watch the video to get a better understanding of why exfoliating facials are important.

                               Gentle Pineapple & Apple Enzyme Exfoliation with Dermplane  $125

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Organic & Non Toxic Hair Removal

Sugaring is an ancient Egyptian hair removal technique where  sugar paste (sugar, water and lemon) is applied to the area, adheres to your hair and is gently flicked off to remove the hair. Watch the video to see how sugaring works.

Brazilian $65  |  Brow $20   |   Full Leg $70   |   Lip $10
Bikini $30   |   Chin $15   |   Upper Leg $45
Buttucks $50   |  Cheeks $20   | Lower Legs $40
Back $50   |   Face $50   |   Underarms $25

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